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We interviewed Yolandi Ellis, Founder of Nissi Business Admin, and asked her what it is like being an SME. She covered everything from what her business does, how it started and then spoke about her relationship with EasyBiz Technologies and the use of QuickBooks Online.


If you are starting up your own business and need some advice, be it on business or partnering with EasyBiz Technologies and using QuickBooks Online, then this is the article for you:


  1. What does your business specialise in?

    My business helps startup companies get all the necessary documents relating to starting a business and assisting them monthly with bookkeeping and taxes.


  1. How big is your company and how long have you been operating for?

    We have been operating officially for two years and the business currently has 350 clients at this stage. This includes businesses and clients we do tax for.


  1. How did you grow your business (from the ground up)?

    I wanted to become a person of value in my community. Therefore, I had to get innovative and make sure that I was constantly adding value to other people and their businesses, as well as my community.


  1. What has your relationship with EasyBiz Technology been like?

    I was looking for an online bookkeeping system and came across EasyBiz the local partner for QuickBooks Online. EasyBiz have been very professional and prompt when assisting me with QuickBooks online.


  1. Where did you hear about EasyBiz Technology?

    I was looking for an online bookkeeping system. I happened to Google an online bookkeeping system and came across EasyBiz, seeing that they are a local partner of QuickBooks Online.


  1. How has QuickBooks Online assisted you with day to day tasks?

    It has made my daily routine much easier. I love the invoicing system and the fact that you can customise as you go. Loading clients and services as you go is also great because previously, setting all this up was always time-consuming for me.


  1. How has EasyBiz Technology and QuickBooks Online assisted in growing your business?

    This program is just adding more value to my business by being able to offer my clients reports on their bookkeeping systems etc. They will love this.


  1. How can accounting software assist a business in growing?

    By making life easier for the end-user.  Pastel is a very complicated software I have also tried Admin-Soft and Abacus and they are all programs that require set up and you cannot bend it as you need it because it has set rules.  So, QuickBooks online really makes things much easier.


  1. What are some tips you can give to someone wanting to grow their own company?

    Become a person of value, find what you love doing and you will never work a day in your life. Constantly add value to your clients, become a one-stop-shop in your field.  Help others grow their business by supporting your local businesses and small entrepreneurs.


We hope this has been inspirational to you. Either giving you that final push to start that business you have been thinking about or deciding what accounting software to go with.


One of the most important things is having a trustworthy and reliable accounting software to assist you in your day to day tasks. This is where we can help. Have a look at the products on offer here https://easybiztech.co.za/ and let EasyBiz and QuickBooks Online assist you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

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