Taking investment in accountants beyond spreadsheets

EasyBiz recognises that building relationships is the key to long term success

The urgency of digital transformation and rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have increased the need to revisit and revise business strategies and relationships with clients.

Businesses need to analyse whether their internal systems are still relevant for their operations and the servicing of clients. Strategies should not only be focused on surviving the current pandemic, but must include recovery and maintenance or building momentum goals to stay ahead of the curve.

Many accountants are so focused on their clients’ financial positions that they often forget that they too are business professionals and need the right systems in place to ensure their own financial success.

This includes the obvious, such as digitising their practices, working on strategies to onboard new clients and switching from desktop to the secure cloud. It is imperative – for their own longevity and resilience – that accountants invest in the right systems for managing business overheads, income, payroll, expenditure and cash flow.

This is where EasyBiz Technologies fits into the picture. Not only does it offer an accounting solution such as QuickBooks Online Accountant that allows accountants to manage their clients’ books seamlessly in the cloud, but has a specialised implementation team that assists accountants in:

Digitising their Practices

“We look at the entire operation of the accountant’s clients’ businesses and offer solutions to automate or digitally transform operations and ultimately solve any challenges. For an established cloud adopter, we look at practice management to deploy tasks and projects to team members, and the CRM ISV that could integrate with Quickbooks Online. We also have a conversation on automation and real time collaboration with their clients and offer demos to show them how it will be implemented.

For new accountants/bookkeepers, we look at putting processes in place that will help them onboard clients, we offer an onboarding guide that covers numerous topics, from marketing to client proposal techniques. Based on their research of the documentation, we conduct live demonstrations of a fully digitised firm,” says Andile Faku, Implementation Lead at EasyBiz Technologies.

Onboarding Clients

Having worked with accountants for many years, EasyBiz Technologies has seen that many firms have difficulty onboarding clients and assisting them in solving their operational problems. They also face the challenge of identifying their own value proposition. Therefore, accountants need to develop a structure that showcases their service and value in addition to tackling other challenges within the firm.

“Before a client purchases or revisits an existing accounting software package, we assess how the business is being operated and offer a solution that best suits their needs and that of their clients in one streamlined business suite. In addition to the onboarding guides we provide, we would look at improving their proposals, engagement documentation and value add pricing and methods of onboarding.

In addition to that, we offer free webinars and over the shoulder training with their teams to assist with client onboarding, moving from desktop to online and best use of the QuickBooks online Accountant software that has been selected,”

says Faku.

Head of Sales and Services at EasyBiz Technologies, Bridget du Toit, says that when an accounting firm purchases a product from EasyBiz, this does not represent the end of the road. “Rather, it is the beginning. We pride ourselves in building relationships and walking the journey with our clients, because we understand that their success is our success.”

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