Additional QBO features to simplify accounting processes

QuickBooks Online apps simplify expense management processes

The old adage of time is money is unquestionably true for all businesses, with often tedious administrative processes being the bane of business owners’ lives. This is certainly the case for the accounting sector where conventional desktop processes are quickly making way for more efficient online solutions.

While many businesses have realised the benefits of switching to online, providers such as QuickBooks Online have gone the extra mile by providing clients with the applications to allow for even greater functionality and ease of use. By combining QuickBooks Online with associated apps, they are able to eliminate unnecessary manual data capturing and save users time.

QuickBooks Online has provided clients with the apps and tools necessary for an efficient accounting function, paying special attention to an area which is essential for business success – expense management. It’s app offerings for clients include:

Receipt Bank

As the future of expense management platforms, Receipt Bank saves time by reducing the often tedious processes of typing and chasing clients, by collecting paperwork and digitising it for reconciliation. Businesses can synchronise contacts, supplier codes, projects and payment methods in a simple, seamless manner.

Its functionality allows for every expense to be sent directly to a user’s QuickBooks account within seconds by taking a photo of the expense, and then emailing or digitally uploading key financial records. The app then pulls all relevant information into a single dashboard, providing clients with a clear view of business finances.


With real time expense reporting, Expensify integrates with QuickBooks and automates every step of the expense management process, from receipt tracking through to reimbursement.

Users have the ability to customise how expenses are coded to QuickBooks expense accounts, including customers/jobs classes locations, items, and more. The data is automatically and continuously synchronised, meaning that from new accounts in QuickBooks to expense reports in Expensify, all data is reflected in real time.

Apart from expense management, QuickBooks Online provides clients with additional user-friendly apps that allow unparalleled productivity in areas such as time tracking, billing and invoicing, e-Commerce, inventory and advanced reporting.

With solutions to meet and exceed any client task, it’s no wonder that QuickBooks Online is a leading provider of accounting software for SMEs, committed to their success now and in the digital future.

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