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Does a Small Business Need an Accountant?

Your to-do list is just about ticked off. You are ready to open for business.

All your start-up expenses have been carefully documented on a spreadsheet and the receipts filed. You feel confident you haven’t overspent or been unwise in the initial setting up of your small business.

There is just one thing you haven’t pinned down though and that is the advice you received from a friend to hire an accountant.bookkeeping and accounting

The reason you haven’t done this yet is because you are unsure if this is entirely necessary. After all, so far so good in terms of financial record keeping. Aren’t a spreadsheet and a file for receipts all it takes?

The question you’re pondering is does a small business need an accountant?

Look at it this way. Are you a small business owner with a lot of passion for your core business, be it writing or creating or manufacturing, but not a lot of passion for managing your books? Or, are you a business owner with a passion for what you do best and a passion for managing your books?

Either way, running a business isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

As the owner, you need to keep your eye on the ball at all times. To ensure you make sales, market your company, get money in on time and grow your company are all time-consuming tasks.

Even if you understand accounting, you will probably find it challenging to manage the necessary accounting functions accurately on a daily basis.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. The services of an accountant coupled with the right accounting software are a wise investment for a small business.

EasyBiz Technologies has helped thousands of small businesses conquer their financial challenges with the right accounting software, and we believe putting this in place is an important first step.

As your business grows, knowing what to outsource to an accountant is the next step.

In order to maximise your return on investment when hiring an accountant, the key is being clear on what financial tasks to keep internally and what tasks warrant their professional assistance.

All of the accounting software packages we offer are designed to include between one and 25 users plus your accountant.

When you start your business with the right accounting software, you will easily be able to get on top of day-to-day financial tasks. Having insight into your financials at the touch of a button, and from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone, is invaluable for any small business owner.

However, certain financial events, like tax season, are more challenging and at times like these you’ll be grateful for the assistance of an accountant; an expert eye with the financial savvy you need to meet deadlines and be compliant.

Let your accounting software help you start, run and grow your business while you leverage the expert advice of an accountant to explore new opportunities and set your business up for future success.

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