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What is the most commonly used accounting software?

You have found lately that administrative work is bogging you down. In fact, you are way behind on the admin and it is actually causing you sleepless nights.

Especially worrying is the accounting side of your business, so you asked a fellow small business owner what the most commonly used accounting software is – and the discussion that followed has inspired you to talk to EasyBiz Technologies about QuickBooks.

You have made a wise move by asking “what is the most commonly used accounting software”.Accounting software

Over 5.6 million customers use QuickBooks, online or desktop versions, around the world – you are about to join one really big and happy family.

No matter the size of your concern – sole trader, close corporation or partnership with five, 10 or 50 employees – you cannot be successful and make profit without the right accounting software support.

Accounting software, and particularly QuickBooks, was developed for small businesses and it addresses some of the most critical financial issues facing the sector today.

A leading cause of small business failure is a lack of due diligence when it comes to financials, and often too a lack of buy-in for accounting software from cautious or “old school” owners.

Many think accounting software is complicated and will be a waste of money. Neither is true.


QuickBooks is one of the most commonly used accounting software programmes for small business. Here are the top 5 reasons you should invest in QuickBooks with EasyBiz Technologies:

  1. Real-time access to financial data. You cannot make sound decisions if you do not know where your business stands financially. To succeed, you need to base decisions on up to date information and have a clear picture of your bottom line. Commonly used accounting software applications like QuickBooks provide this.
  2. Your bank account is linked to the accounting software so payments automatically update. There is no need for a staff member to manually try to trace these transactions.
  3. QuickBooks is the most commonly used accounting software also because multiple users can access and work on the system at the same time. As the owner, this gives you anytime access to your financials and an important finger on the pulse of your business.
  4. Accounting software for SMEs offers add-on functionality for processes like HR and payroll. Most business owners choose the most commonly used accounting software, QuickBooks, because it offers functionality that matters to small businesses.
  5. SARS compliance is not something you can ignore. Accounting software will help you ensure your tax returns are submitted on time, that you are up to date with all compliances, and much more related to tax. The one person you do not want on your debtors roll is SARS!

If you have been researching accounting software and speaking to other small business owners, you will have confirmed that the most commonly used accounting software is QuickBooks.

Come and talk to EasyBiz Technologies about your accounting software needs today. For more information, go to

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