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What is the easiest accounting software for small businesses?

If you are considering accounting software for your small business this is a step in the right direction as far as your company’s financial health is concerned.

While we cannot be sure what prompted your decision to investigate accounting software for small business, you no doubt want to increase your productivity and profit and have come to the realisation that perhaps you are not as on top of your accounting processes as you should be.

If not correctly and professionally managed, your income and expenses can quickly become blurred, leaving you with a skewed view of your success. This is a dangerous position for any small business owner to find themselves in.

Bravo to you then for looking into accounting software for small business.Accounting Software for small businesses

Perhaps one of the first questions you have is “What is the easiest accounting software for small businesses?”

QuickBooks is extremely popular in the small business accounting software market due to exactly the fact that it is easy to use.

Cost, usability and features are the three top issues to consider when investing in accounting software.

Bearing in mind too that the software must fit your business’s needs, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many users will need access?
  • Will a cloud-based or desktop system suit my business best?
  • Will I benefit from mobile app feature?
  • What features do I need the software programme to have? This will include considerations like accounts receivable and payable, report generating, inventory tracking, project management and payroll.
  • How will the software help me comply with legal requirements, like income tax?
  • How secure is the system I want to invest in? Will my data be safe, backed up and easily restorable?
  • Is my choice of accounting software for small business backed up by excellent technical support and customer service?

Once a small business too, EasyBiz Technologies is today an authorised Intuit QuickBooks local partner in Southern Africa.

We’ve been around the (small business) block, so to say, which is why we advise that once you have narrowed down your options of accounting software for small business, you opt for a free trial.

This is a great opportunity to “test-drive” the product and measure its performance so that you can make a confident final decision.

Once you have settled on a product, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you, your staff and clients will be benefiting from your new way of managing your finances.

QuickBooks clients often tell us they were amazed at how intuitive and user friendly the software is and how it freed them up in no time at all to concentrate on things they love, without the nagging worry about their financials.

So while there is no cut and dry answer to “What is the easiest accounting software for small businesses”, we can assure you that the easiest is the product that is going to give you the least hassle at set-up, is going to grow with your business and which is flexible to your needs.

QuickBooks is all these things and much more.

We know small business. Come and talk to EasyBiz Technologies.

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