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SME Advice from an Accountant


Continuing with our interview series, we interviewed Blaise Walker from Business Enabling Solutions on what it is like working with EasyBiz and using QuickBooks Online. As well as giving SME’s advice on how to grow your business.


  1. What does your company specialise in?

We offer strategic consulting services and financial services and we have partnered with vendors and service providers that deliver solutions that complement our drive to make businesses’ more optimised such as QuickBooks Online.


  1. How big is your company and how long have you been operating for?

We have been operating for 3 years and currently have 20 clients that we assist.


  1. How did you hear about EasyBiz Technology?

Through an online search for QuickBooks. EasyBiz had been recommended as the leading South African distributor for QuickBooks, so we figured we would head down that route.


  1. What is your relationship like with EasyBiz Technology?

Our relationship has been very good and very responsive. We have our main contact person that we generally go through when we find the need, but our general experience with EasyBiz has been a successful one especially because you have the local support option which speeds up the process should you have a query, etc.


  1. How has EasyBiz Technology supported you in your day to day tasks?

We have received great referrals into the Durban market through our contact person at EasyBiz and have made our daily tasks much easier to get through.


  1. How do you find using QuickBooks Online Accounting Software?

I enjoy it and I am getting more and more clients onboard to make use of the software too. It limits the amount of time you need to spend as well as having all of your documentation in one place which makes the whole process that much easier.


  1. How has QuickBooks Online Accounting assisted you in your day to day tasks?

Automation on bank feeds is good.  Good integration to 3rd party apps such as Receipt Bank.


  1. For anyone wanting to grow their own business, when would you suggest is the best time for them to get an accountant/make use of accounting software?

I would suggest as early as possible in their business. It is difficult to grow a business as well as having to worry about the financial side of it, and the worry of human error or not having enough time to get through everything, ensuring it all balances, etc. there is a lot to worry about. Its best to eliminate as much as possible so you have more time to focus on the important things.


  1. From an accounting point of view – do you have any tips for anyone wanting to grow their own business?

90% of my growth has come from referrals.  The key is to build relationships and gain ambassadors who will personally refer you to other businesses or people and continue building good relationships.


  1. How can accounting software assist a business in growing?

As long as the software is a modern cloud-based platform, real-time access to information keeps business leaders/teams informed as to their day to day financial and operational position.

Legacy accounting solutions I feel are a potential inhibitor to growth.


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Building relationships, never giving up and working hard, as well as having a good accounting system is vital to any business and their growth. We hope you managed to take something from these blogs that will help you continue or start to grow your business.

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