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How to Choose the Right Name for Your Business

What’s in a name? If you run a business, just about everything. Would you use either of the companies pictured? Choosing the wrong name can turn customers off before they even bother taking a look at your offerings, while a catchy and unique moniker can lure them in. Here’s a…

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Keeping your business strategy on track

Professor QuickBooks understands that most successful owners and managers of businesses are focused on one main goal and that is sales. Sales usually mean two things – getting and keeping more customers and selling them more products and services. Of course for a business to be sustainable, though, it has…

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Your first year in business: A survival guide.

It’s Professor QuickBooks here again with some advice on getting a new business off the ground. We at QuickBooks are fully aware that starting a small business can be extremely rewarding and there is research which proves that satisfaction levels of owners, managers and employees in small firms are much…

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Your first year in business. A survival guide.

Starting a small business can be extremely rewarding – research from the Federation for Small Businesses finds that satisfaction levels of owners/managers/employees in small firms are much higher than those of larger firms. However, starting a business can also be challenging – figures from the Office for National Statistics show…

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What causes data damage?

These are some common causes of data damage, but more often than not, we know neither what caused the data damage nor when the data damage occurred. Power surge or drop out. You will not see the lights dim or the screen flicker, but a little surge just trashed your…

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Can QuickBooks be accessed via Terminal services?

Yes, QuickBooks can be installed and registered on a genuine Microsoft Server and accessed by means of microsoft terminal server connection. It's important to note that all your QuickBooks licenses must first be bridged when you register QuickBooks on server. What is bridging of licenses? Combining multiple QuickBooks license numbers…

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