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Tax Season

Key 2018 tax season dates and changes you need to know

If your palms are starting to sweat at the thought of the looming tax deadlines, you’re probably one of many small businesses which struggle with tax. Filing a tax return is an important task if your business is to be compliant and is necessary to successfully claim benefits. A good…

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Bookkeeping And Accounting

The difference between bookkeeping and accounting

The dictionary meanings of bookkeeper and accountant are very similar. This is because both deal with financial data. However, bookkeeping and accounting offer different functions and benefits to an organisation. Both are very important to any business because success is largely hinged on financial well-being. You may have a bookkeeper…

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Your accounting cycle: Get out what you put in

If the general glossary of financial and accounting terms makes your palms sweaty, you may not want to hear about the “accounting circle”. Unfortunately, the accounting circle is an important process to understand if you want your business to be successful and compliant with all necessary regula tions, like tax.…

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Keep Sars Happy and Your Business Thriving

Filing accurate tax returns isn’t optional if you want your business to grow and be successful. Every small business owner wants that, right? Why then do so many still get tax and financials so wrong? The most common reason is a lack of insight into their finances and, secondly, business…

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Tax Return

Be Quick to Be Tax Compliant

Filing tax returns as an individual is often a stressful exercise as the penalties involved in non-compliance can hit your pocket hard. If you’re eyeing your shoebox filing system in the corner and dreading the tax deadline which is creeping closer, you’re probably not overly confident of being 100% tax…

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