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EasyBiz QuickBooks is now EasyBiz Technologies

EasyBiz Technologies

The secret is out. We’ve changed our name from EasyBiz QuickBooks to EasyBiz Technologies.

It’s all in a name, as they say, and that’s why we’ve changed ours.

It makes sound business sense for us to align ourselves to what we do best – technology.

Our core business is using technology and innovation to help small businesses grow and we believe our new name better reflects this commitment.

We’ve never done things in half measures; hence a shift in thinking and innovation was necessary. This is going to help us to fully embrace the latest in technology and innovation and deliver it to your small business.

Having also once been a small business, EasyBiz Technologies understands the passion that drives small business owners.

Our passion is technology and our vision for the future is to provide only the latest innovation to our customers, partners and accountants.

While “QuickBooks” no longer forms part of our identity, EasyBiz Technologies remains the proud local partner and distributer of QuickBooks products in the region.

And, as their preferred local partner, Intuit QuickBooks fully backs this name change and is as excited about it as we are. All our customers will still benefit from our partnership with and passion for QuickBooks solutions, which remains strong and intact.

On this new path, as we redefine ourselves with the fourth industrial revolution, our focus is to ensure the latest in technology and innovation drives small business growth in South Africa.

It makes sense then that we put technology front and centre in our brand’s name.

What’s in store for the future?

Some may say who can tell, but at EasyBiz Technologies we know what small businesses can expect from us:

  • The same standard of service and products as they are used to from us.
  • Exciting new innovations introduced to the South African market.
  • More cloud offerings and opportunities in artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Exciting new ways to bridge the gap between desktop and online.
  • Innovative solutions that inspire us and that will ignite the success of your small business.

The way we see it is that change is good.

After all, technology would not be what it is today if nothing changed.

We would not be what we are today if nothing changed, and neither would your small business.

Our customers can look forward to a lot of positive developments in the products and services you’ve come to expect from EasyBiz Technologies.

At the same time, some things won’t change. Like the level of service and quality of the products you get from us. If anything, these will only continue to improve.

Yes, the secret is out. EasyBiz QuickBooks is now EasyBiz Technologies, but we’re still in the business of providing software solutions that help ease the daily pains of running a business and helping small businesses thrive.

Yes, the secret is out. We’re committed to the future – yours and ours.

We’re very excited and ready for our new journey as EasyBiz Technologies. Come along.

For more information about EasyBiz Technologies, visit our new site,

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