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Introducing Sonet Beninca from CA Financial Services – part two of #FindYourPartner

The next person we interviewed in our #FindYourPartner interview article series was Sonet Beninca from CA Financial Services. Sonet speaks about how her company assists its clients through the power of cloud-based services like QuickBooks Online. Advice from people within the industry is always invaluable to anyone in business or starting up their own.


  1. Tell us about your business and what you do for your clients?

We are an accounting firm that specialises in bookkeeping services for local small businesses. Being able to offer this kind of service while using an online software solution, makes our work easier.  It allows us to work on our client’s books while they continue their daily processes like quoting, invoicing, etc. This means our clients can see exactly what we’re doing in terms of their business financials online, in real time. We also help our clients tackle their box of slips and manage their banking for them, so they don’t need to. And once that’s done, an auditor signs everything off and voila, their books are in order!


  1. How did you get into this business?

I needed something to keep my brain busy. I worked in corporate before moving to St Lucia and become rather bored. So, I started off with a friend’s books and that led me to the pool of clients I have now which keeps me very challenged and busy!


  1. Can you give us 3 reasons why the QuickBooks Online solution is so handy?

If you have an issue it gets sorted out straight away. I work very late most nights and if I call during the night with an issue, the next morning it’s sorted. The backup service is good, and it’s a really easy and user-friendly system to use.

Working online with QuickBooks is the way of the future. Because it’s so accessible, I’ve been able to plan a 3-month overseas trip to visit my family knowing I’ll still be able to access my client’s data and continue with my work. Among many of the other time-saving features, the integration with banks saves me so much time and really makes my life simpler. I also love that you can have multiple people working on the system without needing extra licenses.

A highlight for me when it comes to QuickBooks Online is that it eliminates finger faults. You’re able to import bulky bank statements without human error creeping in. The system allows you to maneuver around seamlessly and saves you hours on tedious, data-capturing type tasks.


  1. How has your experience with EasyBiz Technologies been?

Really good! EasyBiz Technologies assists with any and all of my queries professionally and timeously. The interaction with EasyBiz is seamless and I love the value and freedom they offer me to customise aspects of the software to suit my clients and my business.


  1. How has QuickBooks Online added value to your business?

My clients are very happy with the services I provide because together with QuickBooks Online and EasyBiz Technologies, I’m able to continuously provide complete transparency with my clients. It’s crucial when you’re working with people’s money.


Ensuring you have a good, trustworthy online accounting system is vital in this day and age. Not only does it limit human error, but it saves you a huge amount of time, so you are able to focus on the important aspects of the job. Additionally, having a secure place to store and back up all your company data is just as important. There is nothing worse than working on something with the risk of it being lost.

Accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners… keep your eyes peeled for our final article in the series.

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