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eZ Bank Account Import Software


5.0 rating

An integrated application for QuickBooks that supports most South African online banking formats.
*This product is subject to an annual license fee after the completion of the year.

  • No longer do bank statements have to be manually entered into QuickBooks
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks
  • Import transactions directly into QuickBooks with real-time status of import
  • Import a transaction as a cheque, deposit, payment, received or invoice payment
  • Efficiently sets up mappings to memorise QuickBooks payee, account, class and customer for transactions
  • Easily track and invoice customers for expenses by the appropriate status for each transaction
  • Easily assign multiple expense accounts and amounts for transactions
  • Displays debit and credit totals contained in the import file
  • Filtering of accounts,vendors, customer and classes
  • Simple user interface

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise – 2008 onwards

Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10

What types of Internet Banking Export Files does eZ support?

Our applications support four different file formats: .OFX (MS Money), .QIF, .QBO, .CSV, .XLS (Excel) and .QFX (Quicken)

What versions of QuickBooks do you support?

eZ supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accountant and Enterprise from 2008 onwards.)

How do I install eZ?

The first step in the process is to purchase eZ from EasyBiz. You can run the installation application once you’ve received the disk. You’ll be stepped through a series of actions required for installing the application.

Why is QuickBooks required to be running?

For security reasons, eZ requires that QuickBooks is running when it is launched. This prevents unauthorised access to your sensitive company information.

What will you do with my registration information?

eZ securely stores the information in order to provide support. We’ll never sell or lease your information to another party.

How can I tell whether eZ is integrated with my QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, click on Edit & select Preferences. All integrated applications will be listed under the Integrated Applications/ Company Preferences.


Tip: You could also deny access to any integrated application over a month-end period.

What types of QuickBooks transactions may be imported?

We support the importing of the following transaction types: Cheque, Deposits, Receive Payments, Invoice Payments.

Am I required to import all transactions in an internet banking download file?

No. You’ll be shown all the transactions in the download file and may select which transactions to import into QuickBooks.

Do you support CSV and XLS files?

Yes. However, the files should be formatted as the following:


Column 1Date of Transaction
Column 2Amount (with debits being negative and credits positive)
Column 3Cheque Number (may be blank or empty)
Column 4Transaction Description (used for mapping transactions to QuickBooks Payees and Accounts)

What do the different statuses mean for the Import File Table?

The statuses are explained below:


UnmatchedThe transaction was compared against the data in QuickBooks and there was not another one with the same amount within a week of each other and with the same cheque number (or one having a blank number).
MatchedThe transaction was compared against the data in QuickBooks and there was a another one with the same amount, within a week of each other and with the same cheque number (or one having a blank number).
ImportedThe transaction was successfully imported by eZ Account Import into QuickBooks.
ErrorDuring the importing of the transaction, there was an error with the data.

What types of QuickBooks transactions may be imported?

We support the importing of the following transaction types: Cheque, Deposits, Receive Payments, Invoice Payments.

If I import a transaction and later decide I should not have imported it, can I remove the transaction?

Please refer to QuickBooks help on how to void a transaction.

How do I know whether all the transactions were imported?

After clicking the Add to QuickBooks button, a dialog box opens specifying the number of transactions registered to be imported, the number of successful imports and the number with errors. Clicking the Status column will organise the transactions in order of status. This is helpful for finding errors.

How does the transaction get labelled as an error?

eZ Account Import will verify that the required data is present before attempting to import the transaction. If some data is missing, it will label it as an error. Otherwise, it will be added to QuickBooks. The program will verify that the data is correct for the type of transaction selected for import.

If there’s an error in the data, QuickBooks will provide the error message to eZ Account Import. For example, if you attempt to send an invoice payment while set to an accounts receivables option, eZ Account Import will receive an error from QuickBooks specifying that it must be a payable account.

Can I split a transaction?

Yes. eZ Account Import supports splitting of transactions and allows you select them from undeposited funds to mark as ‘deposited’.

Do you support VAT?

Yes. You may select whether VAT was included in the transactions that you are importing into QuickBooks.

Friendly interface

5.0 rating
Jun 17, 2020
Review of Quick Payroll

Friendly interface, easy to learn, good reports


Fast & Effortless

5.0 rating
Jun 10, 2020

Super fast and effortless



5.0 rating
Apr 17, 2020

Accurate, reports do all the returns, good package


Superb Software

5.0 rating
Mar 9, 2020

Easy to use and what a time saver


Happy Camper

5.0 rating
Mar 7, 2020

Great interface, AWESOME product


Quick and easy

5.0 rating
Feb 27, 2020

Thanks to the Easybiz team for their top customer support. Thanks team


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