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QuickBooks in the Dark

Now there is no need for us to sit here and tell you what a pain in the neck load-shedding is when you run a business, because you already know. But what we can tell you is that there is a way you can access QuickBooks and run your business even when your power is out.

Imagine being able to access the internet during this time… well, you can. Here are three ways you can access QuickBooks during load-shedding

  1. UPS for a fixed line

    Prevent Internet downtime with a UPS or battery backup powering your router and CPE.
    This will depend on your ISP and network provider, but most companies will have their own power backup solutions that keep their broadband products online.
    There are different options you can choose from when it comes to your UPS needs. A cheap version will run your router and PC for a short period, whereas the more costly versions will allow you to connect multiple devices and run for a longer period. These can range anywhere from R549 to R5000+. If you suffer from extremely long periods of downtime then a better choice may be an inverter or generator, but this will set you back between R8,999 and R32,000. Either option is a once off payment.

  2. Mobile LTE Router

    One of the most useful gadgets to have is a battery-powered Wi-Fi router.
    These portable routers contain a SIM card and run for ages on a single charge while delivering an LTE connection to Wi-Fi-connected devices. Many mobile operators offer these routers along with an LTE data plan, which works out much cheaper. It’s basically like having a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with you.

  3. Mobile Tethering

    A last resort you can consider is relying on your mobile data connection from your mobile phone. Many modern smartphones include Wi-Fi hotspot tethering, allowing them to act as hotspots for other devices to connect to. This, however, will probably end up costing you quite a lot in data consumption.

As everything in the world, any of these options will end up costing you – but when it comes to running a business and accessing your clientele and documents, it is a necessity. While other businesses are in the dark, you’ll still be on top of everything, focusing on what matters most – keeping your business thriving.

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