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Smart SMEs are conducting business in the cloud today.

When you first recognised the need for it, you carefully researched accounting software and invested in a package which would suit your business’s needs.

If it happened to be the world’s leading accounting software, QuickBooks (online or desktop), you have certainly made an investment which will offer you a great return.

Your business may, however, have changed since you opened your doors – perhaps a little more rapidly than you expected and you want to ensure your accounting solution is as tech savvy as your clients are.

All indications are that many SMEs are leaning towards cloud accounting, with products like QuickBooks Online – around 80% of new users in fact are going the online route.

So, if you are running a small business and still think “the cloud” is a white fluffy thing in the sky, think again.

Smart SMEs are conducting business in the cloud today.Quickbooks Online

According to a Intuit QuickBooks report entitled “The Changing Role of Accountancy”, which surveyed 200 owners and senior managers of SMEs in the UK, 61% of clients demand cloud-based accounting while 88% said moving to the cloud would help to keep their accountant tech savvy.

With solutions like QuickBooks Online, you not only immediately start benefiting from anywhere/anytime access but you will differentiate yourself from your competitors pretty quickly too.

The world is online today; everyone has facts at their fingertips, so why not have your business’s financials at your fingertips, no matter where you are?

What clients expect from their accountants has also changed dramatically, most demanding instant access to information about their business so that they can make strategic decisions.

With QuickBooks Online you have: Access to real-time information, mobility, autonomy, easy-to-understand information and collaboration with your accountant/bookkeeper.

Having access to real-time information is crucial to making sound business decisions.

Today you do not have to be that business owner who relies on information from their accountant – with cloud based accounting you can manage your business at any time of the day or night with all the relevant information only a click away.

This puts you in a position to be really hands on and makes it unnecessary to simply hand everything over to an accountant.

QuickBooks Online is easy to use and offers you smarter tools to do better business, putting you in a position to understand your books and use the information to your benefit.

Cloud based accounting will also allow for better collaboration between you and your accountant. With both of you working from the same data means easier and more effective communication and decision making.

As a company that was once small itself, EasyBiz Technologies wants you to make the right accounting software choice for your business.

As a proud supplier of QuickBooks products, Easy Biz Technologies is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed through choosing the right type of accounting software application.

QuickBooks makes online accounting easy so that you can manage your accounting and still have time to do what you love.

Let us support your business today and into the future. For more info, visit

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