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EasyBiz Perks

Exclusive access to unlimited priority support, updates & upgrades and
our newly launched online portal!

All the support and added functionality you need, when you need it, with EasyBiz Perks

Priority perks that will change the way you interact with your QuickBooks Desktop software

Did you know that when you purchase the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop, you automatically receive access to EasyBiz Perks (previously known as QuickPerks) – an annual license fee product that not only offers your business unlimited support, but keeps your software updated with the latest in accounting technology. These delivered in the form of updates, patches, betas as well as first-access to the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop, released each and every year.

Moreover, and also included in your license, the EasyBiz Perks Portal will give you on-the-go access to your desktop company data as well as other game-changing cloud features and functionality that sync straight back to your QuickBooks Desktop package.

Qp Portal Screenie 1

On-the-go access to QuickBooks company data

With the EasyBiz Perks Portal’s Apps, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your banking and customers, organized in one place. Available right now, the Customers App will give you on-the-go access to your customer list from QuickBooks Desktop – whether you’re using a browser, your smartphone or a tablet. You can call, email and view customer contact details directly from your mobile device – and use Google maps for directions to your customers.

Bank Statement Imports

No more manual bank transaction entries! With the EasyBiz Perks Banking App, you can import your bank statement transactions and map them to the correct accounts. With the EasyBiz Perks web connector, these transactions will import directly into your QuickBooks Desktop software.

QP Portal IPad 1


The latest QuickBooks tips and tricks will now be available for access via the EasyBiz Perks Portal giving you all the info you need to use your desktop software super efficiently and effectively.

Updates and releases in one central place

Included in your EasyBiz Perks license is access to the latest QuickBooks releases and updates – these will now be available to you, all in one place, via the portal. These updates will come in the form of basic product alerts to actual download links.

Your EasyBiz Perks licence includes the following:

QuickBooks QuickPerks

You get the latest version of QuickBooks

You’ll get first access to every major release of QuickBooks.

Access to every update, as it happens

Every single update and upgrade is automatically sent to you.

QuickBooks QuickPerks

Unlimited telephonic and email support

With your EasyBiz Perks pin, you’ll get priority support whenever you need it.

Access to the EasyBiz Perks Portal

On-the-go access to your QuickBooks Desktop company data as well as game-changing features and functionality.

Important: Along with your EasyBiz Perks license/renewal, you’ll receive a EasyBiz Perks pin number. You’ll need to keep this pin number handy when calling in to our care team for software support. Can’t seem to locate your pin number? Email

It’s also important to remember that if you’re on an older version of QuickBooks, and have not renewed your EasyBiz Perks license after the first year of use, your access to EasyBiz Perks will come to (or has already come to) an end. Never fear, we can easily renew your license for you and get you back on our VIP care plan.

Renew your EasyBiz Perks licence today!

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