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Keeping your payroll up to date is essential for the financial wellbeing of your company. SARS and tax agencies expect punctuality and accuracy, and employees have to get paid on time. There is no room for error, and as an employer or CEO, one of your top priorities is ensuring that you never crunch the wrong numbers. Fortunately, we provide you with Quick Payroll support.

Paying Attention

When it comes to system support, you need more than just the right software. That’s why we supply you with information on important financial trends, as well as updates on topics such as:

  • The trade classification guise
  • Legislative information
  • Changes to the Management Committee of the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC)
  • Medical Aid setups
  • Guidelines for the tax year
  • Trade classification guise
  • Tax updates

Quick and Easy

QuickBooks also provides comprehensive information about our products, including how to choose and use the right one for your needs. In addition to our software, we help you figure out the best way to stay ahead of the tax system. Our Quick Fixes page assists in pinpointing where you could be going wrong, and offers easy shortcuts to transfer data and advice, minimising the risk of miscalculations.

At QuickBooks, we help you manage your finances with our payroll products. By educating yourself on the guidelines and codes, you’ll find it easier to categorise and sort through the load.

Browse through our list of support documents today and take the first step to financial empowerment.

Payroll Support Documentation

Quick Payroll Medical Aid Setup Tax year 2016 Revised 5 March 2015

Interim August 2014 Bi-Annual EMP501 Submission Guideline

0 VAT_403 – Trade_Classification – Guide [2010-04-07]

Important Payroll and Legislative Information [2010-04-07]

Payroll Quick Fixes [2012-08-02]

Quick Payroll Comprehensive Product Guide [2012-03-06]

Payroll Journal Integration Setup

Appendix A – Trade Classification Guide [2011-02-25]

Payroll/Tax Updates

Tax2016- Monthly

Tax2016- Fortnightly

Tax2016- Weekly

QuickBooks Ver. 1.2.45 Update

New Tax Tables (QPTax 2016)

Year-end Guide

2015 Annual Tax Deduction Tables

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