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The difference between bookkeeping and accounting

The dictionary meanings of bookkeeper and accountant are very similar. This is because both deal with financial data. However, bookkeeping and accounting offer different functions and benefits to an organisation.

Both are very important to any business because success is largely hinged on financial well-being.

You may have a bookkeeper and be very happy with their recording of your financial transactions. But is the record of this information useful to you? Can you make decisions or long or short term projections based on this information?

As a business owner, you will need to make strategic decisions based on financial analysis.bookkeeping and accounting

A bookkeeper will be able to show you all your financial transactions, but will they be able to truly gauge the financial health of your company at a critical juncture and steer you in the right direction in time to avoid a catastrophe?

This type of financial intervention and analysis is more the savoir-faire of accountants, but they don’t come cheap, making their expertise out of the reach of many small business owners.

The demand for accurate financials in small businesses, however, remains. This is exactly why millions of small businesses across the world have trusted QuickBooks with their financial health.

The right software can be the answer to many a financial nightmare and is an affordable way for emerging companies to truly compete and grow.

Taking into consideration the importance of the bookkeeping and accounting functions in a business, it goes without saying that accurate financial statements are non-negotiable, especially when it comes to the taxman.

Not many business owners are a master of bookkeeping and accounting; their passion lies elsewhere, and that’s perfectly acceptable. But, if you’re serious about success, you’ll need a proper accounting software package.

With accounting software that meets the needs of your business, you have instant access to the results of your operations, your financial position and cash flow and can use this data to make decisions and formulate growth strategies.

QuickBooks was a small business once too. We understand your need to be better equipped and set up for success. The right accounting software is an important enabler to success.

Get to grips with aspects of financial fact gathering that you never dreamed would interest you with accounting software that works for you and your employees.

Did you know that with QuickBooks:

  • You’ll be up and running in minutes even if you know nothing about bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Tasks that are eating your valuable time, like invoicing, recons and creating VAT returns are simple, quick and painless with QuickBooks.
  • There’s no need for month-end to be a swear word because you’ll be on top of things every minute of the day.
  • If maths isn’t your strongpoint, relax and let QuickBooks figure it all out.
  • Report generating is easy.
  • The software is user-friendly and lends itself to multi-user collaboration.
  • The financial tasks you can fulfil are endless and features are customisable as your business grows.

Can you afford to leave the financial health of your business to chance? We didn’t think so.

Contact QuickBooks, the world’s leading accounting software provider, on 010 203 4300 or email today.

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