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Trucking company reaps the benefits of digitised Business Practices

The recent lockdown has placed even greater emphasis on the need for businesses to implement digital practises. Transfand, a truck sales, spares and repair company can attest to the importance of using technological advancements, having witnessed first-hand what digital practises can mean for business continuity and survival.

When Transfand entered the commercial truck sales industry in June 2006, the business was made up of one employee. Over the years, the operation expanded rapidly to include a secondhand sales division known as Truck Town Truck Sales and a spares and repairs division with a refurbishing workshop for accident damaged vehicles, which was introduced in 2016. To date, Transfand’s success has seen it become a fully integrated trucking business involved in the sale, repair, refurbishment and maintenance of commercial trucks. 

When the national lockdown was enforced, Transfand was required to close its premises. Fortunately, the business had just moved to an online accounting software and it was able to conduct other business functions while the company registered to operate under the essential service umbrella.

According to Gavin Deans, Accountant at Transfand, the company was fortunate to switch to an online solution when it did. “We realised the potential that an online solution could mean for effective and efficient business practices, and luckily we made the decision to move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online about a month before lockdown was initiated.”

Deans says the move to QuickBooks Online allowed the Transfand team to successfully  continue working remotely, emphasising the crucial role that accounting processes play in a business. The team was able to access all the necessary documents without being on the premises to connect to networks or access the server to continue performing their tasks.  

“With the cloud accounting software in place, we didn’t need any additional assistance during the lockdown and were able to focus our attention on registering as an essential services provider and continue servicing clients and operating as effectively as we could,” he says. “It’s imperative that small businesses partner with service providers that can offer support and assistance even in the most trying times, and EasyBiz Technologies has done just that.”

He says the greatest advantage of QuickBooks Online is that it allows the team  to access work from anywhere and at any time and they no longer have to struggle with network and server connection issues. “The support we receive from EasyBiz Technologies’ service team ensures we are always up and running with consistent access to them to assist us telephonically or onsite.”

Bridget du Toit, Head of Services at EasyBiz Technologies says that the company considers itself an integral part of its clients’ business journeys, and places great emphasis and care into ensuring that clients are well versed in the use of QuickBooks Online as well as supported when transitioning from desktop to online solutions occurs. 

We realise the impact that QuickBooks Online can mean to our client businesses, and ensure that they know how to use the software to its full potential. We believe that to achieve this, training is imperative. In this respect, we offer a comprehensive online training solution, based on what is most convenient for our clients,” she concludes.

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