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Zapier… Helping your business thrive


Zapier was started in Columbia, Missouri in 2011 by co-founders Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, and Mike Knoop. Zapier allows instant connection to QuickBooks Online with 1,400+ apps to automate your work.

Entering data related to sales is a mission and tedious even on the best of days. With the Zapier and QuickBooks integration, this is made easy and pain-free. It automatically creates sales receipts and invoices and, after the sale, businesses can use Zapier to stay connected to users and build loyal customer relationships.

After an order is complete, you’ll want to keep your customers informed about your latest sales promotions, new products on the shelves, and company news. Zapier can also be used to subscribe new customers in QuickBooks Online to your Mail list.

Another helpful tool is being able to back up data when using Zapier to add new QuickBooks Online invoices to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and keeping all data synced and up to date, in an easy to read accessible platform.

Zapier automates all the apps integrated with it so that they are able to seamlessly run in the background without having to worry about constantly jumping in between them all. This automation helps save time so that businesses can focus on the more important aspects of the business alongside QuickBooks.

Within Zapier, you get features that are called “Zaps”. These are namely Triggers, Actions, and a Search function. Zaps assist in completing tasks, marking them as complete, processes for New Clients, creating and updating payments/ invoices, etc.

Actions (items you can create/send/update):

  • Create Customer
  • Create Sales Receipt
  • Create Invoice
  • Create Bill (Account Based)
  • Create Refund Receipts
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Send Sales Receipts
  • Create Payment
  • Update Invoice
  • Create Products/Services
  • Create Expenses

Triggers (when items are added or received):

  • New Payment (Triggered when a payment is received)
  • New Customer
  • New Account
  • New Sales Receipt
  • New Invoice
  • New Purchase Order
  • New Expense

And lastly, Search includes:

  • Find Customer
  • Find Product/s
  • Find Vendor
  • Find Invoice

These features, just to name a few, assist in creating documentation, invoices, payments, etc., notify you of completion and helping you keep on track of anything outstanding.

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