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QuickBooks and Quick Payroll support

Expert help and guidance that gets you the most out of your software

Although our software is super easy to use, at times you may get a little stuck. The good news is that our team of expert technicians and support consultants are ready and waiting to tackle your query, whether simple or complex, until it’s resolved. Our support service will not only solve your product challenges, it’ll also help you uncover and maintain real value from your QuickBooks and/or Quick Payroll software.

If you are not on the latest version of QuickBooks or you have not renewed your QuickPerks annual license fee, unfortunately you do not have access to priority email or telephonic support. Read more about the benefits of QuickPerks here. If you’re a QuickBooks super user and on the odd occasion you need support from us, we offer a pay-as-you-go service at a very affordable rate.

To contact our support team, please call 086 172 6657, email or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

QuickBooks pay-as-you-go Support

  •   General TeamViewer Consultation
  •   Data Corruption
  •   Password removal
  •   Walk-In Consultation
  •   Product Updates/Patches
  •   QuickBooks Online Invoice Customization


  • R130 per half hour
  • R3900 once-off
  • R720 per hour
  • R720 per hour
  • R720 per hour
  • R720

Quick Payroll Support

If you’re a Quick Payroll customer, you’ll know that your annual license fee includes unlimited email and telephonic support as well as access to the Quick Payroll knowledge base. There are, however, some technical issues that customers may require help with, which are not covered by the Quick Payroll annual license fee. These will be charged for as per the below:

  •   Quick Payroll Setup
  •   Walk-In Consultation
  •   Customizing Pay Slips
  •   Customizing Reports

Quick Payroll

  • R130 per half hour via a TeamViewer consultation
  • R720 per hour
  • R720 per hour
  • R720 per hour

Important terms, conditions and disclaimers

Compatibility Issues: The one law of computing is that operating computer systems change regularly. Replacing your computer or installing an update could mean that your trusty accounting software no longer does what it is meant to do. A Consultant will identify whether it is software or an operating system issue. That is why we ask you to study the Knowledge Base to see if it is a software or an operating system issue. If you cannot find the answer, then request a consultation. This will be a TeamViewer consultation, which is charged at R120 for 30 minutes. If you need to upgrade and do so immediately, we will deduct the session price from the upgrade price. If we cannot fix the problem, the related fee will be refunded. The above charges are a guide only and may change without prior notice. Payment must be received before the support session will commence.

Contact our team of support professionals

To contact our support team, please call 086 172 6657, email or complete the form below:

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