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How business can prepare for high and low seasons

In light of this, Bridget du Toit, head of sales and services at EasyBiz Technologies, suggests several measures businesses can adopt during business lulls to ensure greater business longevity and sustainability.

Fear of technology is a competitive disadvantage

This article outlines the benefits of digitally transforming your business through automation, where to start, how to upskill employees in this area and staying on the pulse of a fast-growing industry.

Proactive invoicing vital to being paid on time

SMEs are often at the mercy of large customers which hurts cashflow and threatens their viability. Find out in this article how proactive invoicing can help business owners and entrepreneurs can save valuable time and effort on overdue payments.

Harnessing SME lessons from 2019 for a better 2020

Bridget du Toit, Head of Sales and Services at EasyBiz Technologies, reflects on some of EasyBiz’s major learnings in 2019 and how they can be harnessed by most SME’s to improve operational efficiencies and promote growth in 2020.

Stocktaking may not be fun, but it’s a vital task for SMEs

Bridget du Toit, head of sales and services at EasyBiz Technologies, outlines exactly why this painstaking, but the critical task is so important for businesses, and highlights some of the pitfalls of neglecting to do so.

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