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Harnessing LinkedIn to drive business prosperity

Gary Epstein, Managing Director at EasyBiz Technologies, delves into how SMEs can harness the power of LinkedIn to drive business marketing, sales, and overall prosperity. As the global business landscape has quickly shifted to the digital realm, SMEs must harness

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The key to successful cash-flow management

With the festive season fast approaching, many businesses are slowing down in December and January. It is critical that business owners pay close attention to their cash-flow situation during this period to ensure continued success in the new year. Gary

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Online shift best for business

As technological innovations influence the world around us, its affects on business processes cannot be ignored. Technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution are influencing the business world around us, with the rapid shift to cloud-based online solutions quickly replacing

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How Accountants can Market Themselves

While accountants prefer to focus on their core strengths such as numbers, risk assessment, analysis, research and reporting, they also need to find time to market themselves to attract new clients, retain existing clients and position themselves as experts in

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